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Ruff Chain Business Analysis

Ruff Chain is a blockchain for the Internet of Things. It has a particular focus of developing IoT-focused applications that leverage the blockchain.

Read on to learn about this project’s strengths.

RUFF Business Analysis

A business analysis sheds light on the potential of a project.

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Blockchain technology is still in a nascent stage. While developers are enthused by the theoretical utilities of this technology, few are latching on the opportunity to see its abilities create a functioning product.

But the cause of this isn’t just that the blockchain is a novel development.

A large portion of the blame for limited utilization of the blockchain is that it is not so easy to implement it into an application. A vast number of blockchains are aimed at merely providing a currency, and the ones that do support the development of applications force language (programming) barriers. For example, Ethereum, the flagship smart economy blockchain, requires developers to learn Solidity.

Ruff Chain earns a competitive edge by removing this barrier.

Ruff Chain’s most prominent strength is that it enables developers to utilize its blockchain with ease, and this is what creates a long-term value for a blockchain. Ruff Chain allows development with knowledge of just Java. By opening the doors for developers to easily utilize the blockchain, Ruff Chain is able to distinguish itself from the rest of the IOT-focused blockchains.

Since blockchain technology is in a growth phase, the projects that can attract the greatest developer interest are the ones that are best saddled for the future.


Most of the developments in the IoT market are presently controlled by a by a few tech giants. Blockchains targeting the IoT sector are a disruptive force that give independent developers the opportunity to create IoT applications that can exceed the value offering of the applications created by large, centralized entities.

However, there isn’t a large pool of developers targeting for such an ambition at present. While the small-tier participants in the IoT sector are certainly there, Ruff Chain has to wait till IoT technology gathers more independent interest.


IoT technology is expected to build a market worth over a trillion dollars in the coming decade. This is such a massive figure yet not a lot of blockchain projects have targeted it. In fact, not a lot of developers have targeted it either.

The vast portion of the potential is yet to be materialized. As the developed economies accelerate towards automation of industries, IoT could be just as important as the internet of humans. Ruff Chain is entering the race early enough to be one of the pioneers of the revolutionary developments that are yet to be had in IoT tech.


Wrap-Up: Ruff Chain is a blockchain development that aims to grasp the opportunities available in the IoT market. Its competitive strength is that it offers a convenient means to leverage its blockchain; this makes it more approachable by developers.

Essential Links

Website: https://ruffchain.com/
💡 Whitepaper: https://github.com/RuffNotes/RuffChain/blob/master/WhitePaper.md
👨 ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4613705.0
💻 Telegram: https://t.me/ruffchain

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