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IoT will be Huge; RuffChain lets Everyone be a Part of its Growth!


The IoT market is growing at a rapid pace.

The internet has been the cause of great economic growth across the world. It has eased the provision of information and communication of a mass scale and the benefits of this are obvious in the digital era that engulfs us today. However, as technology has advanced, so has the notion of the internet.

The web is no longer a weave connecting just people; we are not witnessing the evolution of a parallel web for devices (things). The internet of things (IoT) combines smart devices and connects them to a network, making it possible for devices to leverage the same information and communication provisions that people have received from the internet. We’re entering an era where the internet is about to be a resource that is equally valuable for both things and people.

We are also entering an era where the internet for people is evolving due to blockchain advancements. The blockchain makes it possible to connect web interactions with a value; this feature will be equally important for the devices connected over the IoT. Thus, while many projects have focused on blockchain development for people, others have opted for blockchain developments that target the IoT. However, there is an important plateau in all these developments.

Both blockchain and IoT technologies require a labor force with specialized skillsets. There’s a scare volume of labor qualified enough to handle the development of an application that leverages the benefits of the two technologies and this is a major limiting factor in terms of participation.

Major enterprises remain the primary players in the IoT market because they have the resources to round up all the qualified developers. This puts start-ups and new entrepreneurs at a stark disadvantage.


Leveling the Playing Field

One of the key goals of the blockchain revolution has been to provide opportunity on a wide scale—the decentralization of power. A new blockchain project aims to extend this vision towards the IoT sector.

RuffChain is developing a blockchain cored on eased development of IoT applications. While the blockchain sustains all the value transfer, security, and decentralization aspects that all blockchains tout, it makes an important effort to not sacrifice ease of adoption. RuffChain is pinned on the goal of making IoT application development more available.

Rather than making an enterprise solution, as is the case with the vast portion of projects that aim to develop a blockchain for the internet of things, RuffChain aims to be the blockchain for anyone interested in the development of IoT applications. By easily providing necessary SDKs and creating the application development in JavaScript, RuffChain lowers the skillset needed to develop applications for the internet of things.

Enterprises can certainly use RuffChain to create IoT applications that allow them to advance their own value offerings.

However, the standout aspect is that RuffChain evens the playing field and makes sure there’s an equivalent opportunity for the masses. Any young entrepreneur or cash-strapped aspiring start-up can easily acquire the skills needed to leverage the power of RuffChain or find a labor force that can utilize RuffChain.

The future of twined IoT and blockchain developments is ripe and the market is still in a nascent stage. RuffChain can play a crucial role in carving out the future of IoT with a positive mark: making sure opportunity is accessible; making sure every bit of innovation can be captured.


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Website: https://ruffchain.com/
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💻 Telegram: https://t.me/ruffchain

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