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Make Money with your Unused Storage!

Entertainment is one of the largest industries in the world.

Creativity is the life-blood of quality entertainment. Every entertainer must perfect his or her art by establishing goals and fulfilling them by setting the mind to attain a fresh standard of creativity. This is a challenging task and entertainers have ti love their craft as sacrifices are necessary to attain success in an industry that is so demanding of creativity.

One key challenge that the world’s creative minds face is that the industries that incorporate their work, particularly entertainment, are primarily controlled by a handful of companies. Entertainment industry is heavily centralized and the platforms that distribute content to the mass market can curb the creativity of individuals. Whether it be to push creativity towards just a commercial product or censor it within certain restrictions, creativity is confinded in the current state of content distribution.

Blockchain technology, though, might provide a remedy to the problems faced by individuals who dedicate their efforts to developing creative content. This technology facilitates the development of distributed infrastructure that can facilitate the decentralization of markets while providing the resources needed for sustainable functioning.

Zeepin is a project that has taken the steps to apply blockchain technology to create mass market content distribution that is not controlled by just a few hands. The primary target for this public chain are the creatives in society and those who enjoy consuming their content.


An Infrastructure for Creativity

Zeepin has provided the key elements needed to facilitate the cultivation of unrestricted creativity.

  • A distributed network ensures censorship-free distribution can ensure freedom to pursue any content development is realistically achievable.
  • Creativity markets rely on the consumers of content just as much as they do on the creators. As a portion of the world still remains in regimes that restrict public access to what is decided by the state, Zeepin can enable the proliferation of open access. This ensures that creators in any part of the world, with any subject to target, can reach their audience without an issue.
  • Creativity has become largely commercialized as it is able to draw attention. Attention is a valuable asset and most corporations try to harvest creativity in a commercial direction. Consequently, creators have been forced to allocate their efforts to what the content distribution platform algorithms deem commercially viable.

With the provision of the factors described above, Zeepin provides the infrastructure for decentralizing creative markets. However, given the eruption of blockchain developments, Zeepin’s team has taken the step to carry its development into direct utility themselves.


The first development to benefit from Zeepin, GalaCloud, creates a decentralized storage network by pooling the extra hardware space that people across the world have. There are several value additives created by this project.

  • GalaCloud leverages unused resources that everyday people possess and uses them to create a powerful storage hub available for the mass market.
  • GalaCloud provides security to data storage that is unattainable through a traditional datahub. Data will be sharded and stored across a network of database providers from across the world. Additionally, the data will be encrypted prior to storage; this is a new height in secure data storage.
  • Distribution of data ensures that no single power becomes in control of it.

ICOs have made it possible for many entrepreneurial teams to develop powerful infrastructures. However, Zeepin’s founders have taken the step to demonstrate the ability of Zeepin Chain by taking the proactive step to develop a functioning utility, GalaHub.

Passive Income

As GalaHub is going to be functional from the get-go and will be able to drive a revenue, those providing data storage to the platform will be eligible for a passive income. Each storage node will be termed as GalaBox and will be eligible for 70% of the platform revenue; a seperate class of nodes, termed GalaHub, will provide internal address search and GalaBox distribution and these nodes will earn 20% of platform revenue.

In simpler words, people can now provide unused data storage to earn a passive income. Additionally, the system is new and Zeepin, in an effort to promote it, will offer free Gala to early system nodes

On a closing note, people with an existing stash of Zeepin can stake 5k of them to get a free Gala Box.


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