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Wemark Helps the Unsung Heroes of Photography

Photography is a massive industry valued over $100 billion.

Naturally, a market this big employs a lot of people. Obviously, photographers are the key labor of this market but there are many supporting positions that are essential to ensure the perfect shot is captured. Whether a photographer aims to gain critical acclaim or acquire wealth by providing stock photos for corporate clients, he or she, at some point, will need prop creators, set builders, models, and many other supporting positions involved in the photography industry.

The people who fill these roles are the unsung heroes of the photography market.

While photographers do face their own problems, their needs and wants are highlighted as they stand at the forefront of their market. The reality is the supporting roles of this market are often underpaid and receive little to no recognition. A team of entrepreneurs with a dedicated focus on solving the issues faced by photographers could also be developing a resolution to the problems faced by those who support photographers.


An All-Rounded Solution

Wemark is developing a new image marketplace that challenges the exorbitant marketplace fees charged by current market leaders. Wemark aims to charge just a 15% marketplace fee while also giving certainty to the photographers’ income by utilizing the Wemark protocol, which ensures the fee agreed at the time of listing a photo remains unchangeable.

The company’s CEO has stated that the Wemark token can also be used to pay those that support the development of a photo. The Wemark protocol works as such:
 When a photo is bought, 15% of the money is distributed to the marketplace and the rest goes directly to a designated wallet, owned by the photographer.

The protocol will be further developed.

In fact, I asked the company CEO a few questions regarding Wemark’s future developments. Wemark has already planned to facilitate the distribution of funds to more than 1 wallet. The result of this is that the protocol creates a trustless market for all participants of the photography market.

All the people who were involved in the photo can claim a stake in the revenues that photo generates. All the wallets can get a designated proportion and, since the Wemark protocol will handle the distribution of funds, the agreements will be immutable.

Thus, the unsung heroes of the photography market will be able to get their value by having a claim in the photos’ earnings. If a photo turns out to perform far better than expected, they won’t remain underpaid for their work as they will earn a proportioned income.


Wemark Essential Links

Website: http://wemark.com/
💡 Whitepaper: https://www.wemark.com/whitepaper
👨 ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3347524
💻 Telegram: https://t.me/wemark

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