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Use Crypto to Buy/Sell Digital Content!

The cryptocurrency market cap has clawed its place between $220 to $280 billion for some time now. Despite its volatility, the crypto market cap is larger than many countries’ economies and this shows the sheer amount of untapped buying power of crypto hodlers. Any new outlet that accepts this form of payment is likely to benefit from the overwhelming volume of excitement, from the crypto market, that will push new users towards its products or services.

There are many existing projects that are trying to tap into the cryptocurrency market by making it possible to use cryptocurrencies to purchase various products or services. A new addition to these set of projects is Wemark.

Wemark is an image marketplace that makes it possible to create trustless and low-fee sales of digital photos. The value transfer is through Wemark tokens and thus this project allows cryptocurrencies to enter the $100 billion photography market.


Tapping into a Huge Market

Wemark is developing much more than just a token for buying photos; it’s developing its own state of the art marketplace governed by an internally developed protocol tailored to suit photographers’ needs. However, the only way to transact on Wemark’s marketplace will be through the native tokens. As Wemark allows a cryptocurrency to be directly usable for transacting in a new market category, many parties benefit.


There are many companies involved in the crypto market and whatever form of media they use involves some amount of image purchasing. At present, these transactions involve a lengthy chain of conversion from crypto to fiat as-well-as pricey exchange fees. The removal of such a barrier opens up additional media development funds to be potentially used on the actual photos rather than the ability to buy the photos.

The Cryptocurrency Community

One of the key challenges faced by cryptocurrencies involve direct utility in product or service purchases. Wemark opens up cryptocurrencies to the ability of purchasing images, a very large market. Given that photographers are often undervalued for their work and that Wemark offers far lower fees than other image marketplaces, photographers would be comfortable accepting tokens.

To sum up, Wemark offers a beneficial opportunity for both photographers and the cryptocurrency community.


Wemark Essential Links

Website: http://wemark.com/
💡 Whitepaper: https://www.wemark.com/whitepaper
👨 ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3347524
💻 Telegram: https://t.me/wemark

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