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Blockchain can Mitigate the Wealth Gap: Case on Opiria

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We live in an era where an individual’s dreams are having an increasingly easy journey to reality. First came the internet which catapulted the world into a digital era which allowed a handful of entrepreneurs the opportunity to amass massive fortunes. The internet boom has been one of the greatest advances in mankind, but it has allowed a large centralization of wealth.

Now, the blockchain movement is making way for feasible decentralization in many industries. The immediate benefit of this is that opportunities will be more spread out. People erroneously assume that decentralization is making way for everyone to be rich; such a concept is unrealistic and will obviously never happen. Instead, decentralization is allowing the world to have more wealthy people rather than a few ultra-wealthy people.

A great example of a blockchain project that decentralizes an industry is Opiria, which is a marketplace where anyone can sell his or her data to any company.

How Opiria Will Create Wealth

One clear means by which Opiria will increase wealth distribution is by empowering individuals to be the true owners of their personal data. Right now, hundreds of billions are being made by consumers’ personal data, but consumers do not get a penny of it.

With Opiria, consumers will be able to earn an income by selling their personal data to companies for PDATA tokens. Of course, the amount earned won’t be life-changing to most people, but as more blockchain projects make way for increased ability for individuals to earn an income by decentralizing various industries, the income sources will truly add up—Opiria is a major step in this journey.

A more important way with which Opiria will create wealth is that it will give entrepreneurs an opportunity to make decisions like major companies, thereby decreasing the risk involved in starting a business.

Empowering Small Businesses

Large businesses drive their decisions through results crunched from data, however, many small businesses aren’t able to do so as gathering specific consumer data can be difficult and expensive. As a result, many businesses fail.

This Forbes article by the serial entrepreneur Eric Wagner highlights the number 1 reason small businesses fail is because they aren’t able to get in touch with consumers’ true needs. This is understandable as there are very limited means available to small companies to acquire personal data and even those channels are expensive and often providers of inaccurate data.

Small businesses die out as the initial product failures burn through their finances, causing 80% of them to shut down within the first 18 months of operation. Large companies are able to survive the trembles caused by inaccurate data, but small companies cannot.

Opiria is offering every small business owner, in any country, a value proposition that can greatly reduce the amount of businesses failing due to lack of accurate information about the target market. Opiria can allow businesses to acquire any particular personal data on any target market via a convenient and affordable channel. More importantly, the data acquired will be accurate as it will directly be sourced from the target consumers.

Right now, many businesses fail because they are unable to deliver optimal products. But with accurate consumer personal data information, businesses will be able to deliver desirable products. Then the deciding factor of a small business’s success won’t be whether it got lucky enough to acquire accurate data, but a true merit-based market driving the best of the best products to the top.

Consequently, Opiria could be a boon to the overall consumer market as now the best products will be able to surface in a true merit-based market.

Opiria Essential Links

 Website: https://opiria.io/
💡 Whitepaper: https://opiria.io/static/docs/Opiria-PDATA-Whitepaper.pdf
👨 ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3076122.0
💻 Telegram: https://t.me/pdatatoken
⌚️ Token Main Sale: May 1

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