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The Data Market is Too Cluttered; Time for a Fix (Quadrant)

It’s changing the world by making it possible to make guided decisions in everything. People are consuming data to make mundane tasks easier or efficient. But the key impact that data is having is with regard to businesses. Most industries are using data to optimize operations and to bring about better products for the market.

Given the value data provides, great efforts have been made to store it. The amount of data being stored annually is increasing at an exponential rate and too much of a good thing can be bad. Due to the abundance of raw data being created now, it has become extremely difficult to harvest resources, tools, or decisions derived from the data.

The data market now faces some key problems. It has become difficult to identify high quality data, the sources capable of producing high quality data are not properly incentivized, and the ability to leverage data for tools remains siloed. The data market has the ability to become a better and open ground for value additive exchange between data creators, compilers, and users.


Quadrant Protocol

A new blockchain-powered project offers a solution to the problems faced by the data market. Quadrant Protocol can transform the current data ecosystem by decentralizing its infrastructure while providing a means to map it. This transformation will lead to an evolved data ecosystem where each participant in the data market is able to reach the full potential of value addition possible.


High quality data creators will now be awarded whenever data they’ve provided gets used. This incentivizes those who add genuine value to the data market to step up and drive a greater revenue or income for themselves. This would be a stark change from the current situation as currently most high-quality data sources get limited to no incentives to further pursue their work.
Since there is now an overwhelming abundance of data in the market, there is a need to properly separate the good from the bad to ensure a better quality of data funnels towards product development. Quadrant Protocol involves the participation of Pioneers (data analysts) who assemble raw data into data packets. There’s an opportunity for Pioneers to stand out as high-quality source of data packets by straining the good raw data.
High-quality data packets serve a differentiated purpose, but Quadrant Protocol includes a final layer of value addition. Creators of data products can access the high-quality data packets and then create data-powered products. This allows Quadrant to become a source of not just data, but ready-to-use actional resources that are powered by data.

Additionally, Quadrant Protocol allows the data creators to build a reputation as they can stamp the raw data they add to the system. This paves the way to map out the data market’s true value providers.


Wrap-Up: There’s an abundance of uncharted, raw data and it has become increasingly challenging to utilize it. Quadrant Protocol provides a means for data creators and refiners to work in a single platform to provide high-quality data that can be used for product development.



Essential Quadrant Protocol Links

Website: https://www.quadrantprotocol.com/
💡 Whitepaper: https://RepuX.online/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/RepuX-ICO-Whitepaper_v1.08.pdf
👨 ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3676988.0
💻 Telegram: https://t.me/quadrantprotocol

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