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Smart Containers: Business Analysis (new ICO)

Smart Containers is an existing company that creates high-tech containers that merge IoT technology with containers designed to accurately maintain very particular cool temperatures. It is now raising funds to expand its fleet of containers and to merge blockchain with its existing infrastructure.

Read on to learn about this project’s strengths.


Smart Containers SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis sheds light on the potential of a project.

The supply chain industry is massive so a good bit of blockchain projects are targeting it. But Smart Containers has a number of competitive edges that serve as value strengths that will allow it to easily stand out.

While most blockchain projects are just ideas, this company has expensed years on research to develop the most effective physical components for its containers. Moreover, it’s not treading in an unfamiliar territory; the company is accustomed to utilizing technology in its products.

Smart Containers is developing containers that are integrated with IoT sensors. It has already secured valuable partnerships and this evidences the company’s ability to properly execute the usage of cutting-edge technology in the supply chain industry.

Smart Containers has plenty of experience in the field, has already merged technology with containers, and has established partnerships.

Smart Containers is essentially a B2B service at present. The company offers supply chain solutions to pharmaceuticals, and soon plans to offer its services to businesses in the food industry.

Now, the company has set its eyes on expanding its abilities and include direct deliveries to consumers. While this will open a massive new revenue stream and will set it ahead of the market trend, B2C operations are very different from B2B operations. Moreover, it can be a lot more expensive to penetrate the mass consumer market rather than specific businesses.


The two trending technologies right now are IoT and blockchain technologies. Actually, trending might be a wrong way to describe these due to the sheer value and importance they have. The utility of these technologies is only going to get greater and their impact is only going to become grander.

There’s plenty of lucrative products to be developed that harness the power of these technologies to bring cutting edge products to the market. Smart Containers is properly twining the IoT and blockchain technologies to provide a product to a multi-trillion dollar industry, and this situates the company in a position that sets it ahead of its competition. Smart Containers is developing a service for the supply chains of tomorrow.

Smart Containers has a dual goal with the funds it raises from its ICO. The company not only wants to enhance its technological infrastructure in current products and operations, which target pharmaceuticals, but also wants to develop a new business wing, one that targets food supply chains.

This is a high scale of ambition and the company could be spreading its resources a bit too thin. However, given that the company has achieved such powerful products already, and is raising a very large sum in its ICO, it has the ability to successfully pursue its ambitious goals.


Wrap-Up: Smart Containers has several competitive edges that position it to successfully grasp the bountiful potential in utilizing IoT and blockchain technologies in the supply chain industry.


Essential Smart Containers Links

 Website: https://smartcontainers.ch/
💡 Whitepaper: https://smartcontainers.ch/assets/20180502_smartcontainers_whitepaper_v2.pdf
👨 ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3058528.0
💻 Telegram: https://t.me/smartcontainers
⌚ Token Sale: Public Presale May 15

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